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We present Outsourcing 360, a complete service model, which encompasses not only the selection and supply of professionals, but also the management of their performance. Our personalized and thorough approach allows us to deliver tangible benefits for your company.


We go beyond simply providing labor. We analyze all aspects of your demand, whether cleaning, maintenance, production or customer service, identifying opportunities for improvement and optimization in your processes. Imagine a team of professionals prepared and working together to increase the productivity and quality of their activities. You will benefit from our team's experience in areas such as training, process management and innovation, all with the aim of increasing efficiency and quality in your operations.


  • Greater Focus on Management: You will be able to focus on what you do best, leaving secondary activities in the hands of specialists.

  • Cost Reduction: We can help reduce expenses with hiring, training and personnel management, in addition to minimizing organic managerial and accounting costs.

  • Quality and Efficiency: We guarantee the quality and efficiency of the services provided, as we have expertise and adequate infrastructure to select and train the workforce that will perform functions in your condominium.

  • Budget Organization: You will have greater budget predictability, since the amounts paid monthly in the contract include termination expenses, vacations, absences and possible labor claims. This contributes to financial balance and better planning for your business.


  • Consulting: We will present suggestions for improving processes and daily activities that will facilitate your management, identifying opportunities for improvement and optimization.

  • Training and Development: Continuous training is fundamental to the success of outsourced workers. Therefore, we invest in training and development programs that ensure the constant updating and improvement of your skills.

  • Performance Management: We monitor the performance of outsourced professionals, ensuring the quality of the services provided and identifying improvement needs.

  • Integration with the Client's Culture: Our objective is for outsourced professionals to become an integral part of the client's team, through a relationship of trust and collaboration. We have integration processes that promote a better understanding of the client's culture and policies.

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